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Django Evolution Gotcha

Django evolution is the closest thing to a steroid when it comes to enhancing the productivity of a Django developer working with RDBMSs. So close, it’s even got some nasty side effects if you rely on it so much.

I made the mistake of doing ./ reset app after changing a model structure for an app that was being tracked by django-evolution. Almost all ./ commands gave nasty errors whenever I try to use them afterwords. So I removed the django-evolution app from my installed app list, and got things working again.

Two days pass, and I fall into withdrawal from relying on this drug known as django evolution, I had to have it again. I installed it again after doing a ./ flush, and db related management commands refused to work. Then it hit me. All I had to do was:

./ reset django_evolution

Things then got back to normal. I believe what happened is django evolution got out of sync with my db state after the reset that I did. This solution surely fixed it, but I lost all the evolution history of my database. If anyone out there knows a better way to fix this problem, and still maintain previous history, I would be thankful.