Archive for April 29, 2009

Hard Disc Corruption

After recently upgrading to Jaunty Jackelope, I thought everything went well. I found the UI very responsive compared to Hardy Heron and all the applications I used were running perfectly. That is, until I tried to check the data I was storing in MySQL.

I knew there was a problem when tried to retrieve data using a Django ORM and the queryset was returning some data when I do qs.objects.all(). But when I do qs.objects.count() it returned 0. Turnes out that there was a corruption in the hard disc. Luckely I had some back ups, but much of the manual donkey work that I was doing was lost and I have to redo it all over again (that is to look at 80K log messages).

After restoring everything, I finally realized how large is the amount of data I am dealing with. I downloaded over 200 Python and C based source code for open source projects, which amounts to over 46GB! I have been parsing all these source files for data for the past couple of months. I hope this effort finally pays off and I graduate. I am kind of excited to look at the results of all this analysis. But I have to complete the theoretical development part of my dissertation.