Archive for March 26, 2009

Dissertation Donkey Work Has Started!

It’s a boring part of my dissertation, but it must be done. After trying to automate the parsing of patch contributors from RCS logs and deciding the approach wasn’t very reliable, I decided to use django to display the log messages with suspected contributor names ten at a time. I sift through these messages and approve them ten at a time.

Thank god Linux Kernel development is done using git which stores the author’s name and I don’t have to parse the log message. This saved me from sifting through 50K log messages. I will check out Wine too to see if the author information is captured by git also. But even with this, I got 90K log messages to go through.

To the Postgres committers out there, I appreciate what you’re doing, but let me say this: I hate you for making my life a living hell. Would it hurt to put “patch by” in front of author’s name in the log message?